Archery Elk and Deer

The following items are what we recommend you pack for your archery elk or archery deer hunt with us.


 •  Hunting license
 •  Airline tickets
 •  Bow
 •  Arrows
 •  Bow sling
 •  Two bow releases, in case of malfuction
 •  Treestand harness
 •  Range finder
 •  Personal hygiene items
 •  Medicine (please inform guide/outfitter of any medical conditions or needs)
 •  Clothing for the Lodge (e.g. slippers, lounging clothes)
 •  Game bags for meat
*Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks rule: No lighted arrow knocks or anything battery operated on your bow.


 •  Underwear and socks for each day (wool or synthetic blend, moisture wicking)
 •  Lightweight long johns or Under Armour bottoms
 •  Lightweight long johns or Under Armour tops (heat gear)
 •  Six-pocket, army-style camouflage pants
 •  Camouflage clothing for all types of weather (T-shirts, long-sleeves)
 •  Lightweight camouflage jacket
 •  Quiet rain gear camouflage (tops and bottoms)
 •  Well broken in hiking boots (mid high ankle support)
 •  Fleece or wool gloves and hat (in case of cold weather)
 •  Camouflage baseball cap
*All clothing should be quiet.

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